Myrtle Beach

The Atlantic breeze 

Wouldn’t it be nice to visit all 50 states…YES! it would.

I have been to about 8, that means 42 more to go. If I visit 2 each year then it’ll take me 21 years to achieve this goal. THAT’S A LONG TIME! And I’m not even sure if I can go to one every year. I’m a college student, you know (gotta save $$). I’ll estimate it more realistically, maybe 30 years or even more 😉


This year I was fortunate enough to see the beauty of South Carolina, specifically, Myrtle Beach. I was very happy to see palm trees, from the airport to the hotel, they were EVERYWHERE. No wonder it’s called the Palmetto state.

I was really excited for this trip with my mama and sister. It has been 5 years, I think, since I last swam in the ocean. And I mean salt water. I sacrificed the cold breeze of the Atlantic. It was quite cold. But, I couldn’t miss the chance to swim, I was already there. It wasn’t bad though, our second day, the sun was out and we could feel the heat. So it was a good day to spend all our time at the beach. And I don’t think I have ever swam in the Atlantic before, hmm let me think about that. NOPE!

Every time I hear the sound of the waves, I couldn’t help but think of the song titled “Oceans” by Hillsong United. This song has a beautiful message and just so heart touching. Waves sounds are probably the most soothing sound to listen to, next to rain. The waves were big, surprisingly, and it smacked me a couple of times. I drank some of that salt water too, but my aunt always says, it’s good for you, so I didn’t worry.


While we were there, I had to meet the sun, of course. It was difficult to get up at 5:30 am. I admit. But, I couldn’t think of a more perfect view than the sun peeking slowly through the ocean, am I right? Breathtaking.

Living in Myrtle Beach, SC is a great idea. I would consider it. Waking up with the ocean just around the corner and swim in it every day. Not bad. Well not every day, I heard snow visits this state once in a while too.

We stayed there for 3 days, a short trip. I wish we stayed longer, but I guess that means I have a reason to go back.

Now, as I am writing this…I miss Myrtle Beach even more 😦

There’s probably a more clearer, more warmer, more beautiful ocean view and place than Myrtle Beach, that I can’t wait to visit someday🤞. But, there is a saying “nothing like the South,” and I agree. From its gigantic sky wheel, palmetto peaches, Broadway at the beach, seafood buffets to the accent of its people. Gotta L.O.V.E South Carolina.

Advice: If you go in May, bring a cardigan! It’s coolllddd.

Remember, explore, love and dream big!


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