Just wondering

At night, I sometimes wonder

if today I walked on the path

that God wanted me in. Did

I do the tasks He wanted me to

do. Or was I not listening to

Him at all today?

I say a prayer

Then I realized what I’ve done today

I gossiped, I was selfish, lazy,

I judged, I lied…I sinned

But let’s not focus on the negativity

I also…smiled at someone

I hugged, I helped, I gave, I listened,

I encouraged, I thanked, I forgave and

most importantly, I loved.

The SIMPLE daily things that we are

called for, can have a huge impact

on someone else’s life. And isn’t it

what we do to others, we do to God?

We are not perfect people, we make mistakes every single day.

But I know He is smiling

down at us from up above because

by doing these simple acts of kindness

We choose to walk with Him and fulfill His tasks

And as time progress, we do more positive

Actions rather than negative.

And are filled with His perfect love

Remember, “a simple act of kindness can leave a heartprint that lasts a lifetime”










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