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The Empire State

I grew up in a “city life” environment. In the Philippines, I lived right in the middle of Davao City, where there are shopping centers, people everywhere, it’s always so alive. So, when I moved to the US, it was definitely much quieter than the life I had before. But I love it here! However, I think there will always be a part of me that yearns for that “city life.”

New York, when I hear this state I can’t help but think of skyscrapers, classy and rich people, and a busy life. It was 2008 when I first visited NYC with my family. I was excited, but I was young so I didn’t expect much, I didn’t really know what was there. All I know is it’s one of America’s greatest state.

My godmother lives in New York, so we visited her, and good thing she lives there because we wouldn’t know what to do without her. My gosh! It’s a BIG, I mean big city. And the subways, most confusing thing ever. But it was fun! Days are not enough, so when you guys visit, make sure to go for a week 😉 Trust me, that one week will be full of adventures. There are so many things New York has to offer.

I have been to New York about 3 times. And every time I go, I just love the state even more. The 2 times I’ve been, I explored the “Big Apple” itself. From Times Square, 911 memorial park, Ellis island, Central park, Rockefeller center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral to the Empire State building. I watched the Rockettes performed during their Christmas spectacular at the Radio City Music Hall back in December 2013 as well, that was quite interesting. But I’m not a dancer, whatsoever, so it was okay. They were really good though. I also watched my first Broadway show, Wicked, hands down, very good! Then I visited Long Island, NY in 2012 for my godmother’s wedding. That was fun!

After visiting this state a couple of times, I realized that it’s not all about skyscrapers or rich people in Manhattan. There are some parts of New York that are the same as every state. Suburban neighborhoods, middle class, and lower class citizens. It is very diverse. I feel like every culture has their own part of the state. I like going there because there are many filipino restaurants, and they’re delicious 🙂 There is Chinatown and Little Italy. And you really feel like your in another country, they are all out in NYC.

But if I had to choose my favorite place in New York, it would be seeing the Statue of Liberty at Liberty Island in New York Harbor. When I see that sculpture, I can’t help but just be in awe. Amazing, just amazing. Riding the ferry toward it, the statue getting bigger as we go closer to it, seems so unreal when you see it in person. And it is truly better in person. Whenever I go to New York though, I never get the chance to go up to the statue of liberty crown. I just walk outside. Next time, I’ll make sure to make reservations so I can climb up to her crown. And it’s so hard to take a picture with her because either I’m too small or she’s too big. The right angle is quite hard to get. But other than that, it is STUNNING!!!


My first time visiting this state, I immediately wanted to go back. I felt the “city life,” it felt like home. “One belongs to New York instantly. One belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” – Tom Wolfe. 

New York City, it’s not for everybody. But it’s definitely a state that everyone should visit, when given the chance. It’s so busy, bright, it’s so ALIVE. It truly is the city that never sleeps! The city of dreams, it is the city full of opportunities.

I ❤️ NY

Advice: When you go there, listen to New York, New York by Frank Sinatra and you’ll love the city even more. Or after you read this blog 😉

Remember, explore, love, and dream big.



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