Something different

2…5…10 years from today, who knows what will happen. The cool part is the most unexpected events takes place in life. 10 years ago I never thought I would move to another country. I never expected to meet all these people in my life. I never thought I would go to places, where before I only saw on pictures. I never knew I would study Nursing and attend the college I go to now. So much has happened over the past years. And some stayed the same and some has changed.

Change, for me, just happens. Good and bad. It can be quite hard to accept life transitions at times. Because right now, it’s all good.
But then I realize, change is a must. There is no fun and challenge if we always stay in the same old routine and place. Change comes for a reason, and I or we should embrace it.

Change will come naturally. That’s the best part. Although sometimes we make decisions that we know we will already face change in the future.

I decided to write about change because this past days/week every time I go outside I see a butterfly pass by. And since it symbolizes change, maybe it’s a sign.

I want to be reminded that change is not something I should be scared of but rather an opportunity for me to grow and learn.

“Nothing changes IF nothing changes”

Jeremiah 29:11



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