West Virginia

Wild and Wonderful

“West Virginia, mountain momma, take me home, country roads.” This song has been stuck in my head for days. Suddenly country music sounded good. So I recommend as you read this blog, listen to it (take me home, country roads by john denver) and enjoy 🙂

This is Cathedral falls. It is an hour drive from Charleston. It is amazing. It’s huge and clear and the water feels so good. One thing I love about the south are places like this. I wish this was just around my house. That would be awesome.

A lot of jumping. falling. swimming. But most importantly a lot of laughing. Good thing the water was not cold. Surprisingly. Wonderland Waterpark. (~Ace Adventure Resort)


Mud obstacle course. This was a lot of fun. This also proves that we’re pretty strong. No complaining please. Game face & attitude…ON! Something different huh. An experience to smile about. Forever treasured.


West Virginia state capitol. Nothing to see here really. But it’s cool to take pictures 😉

Bye West Virginia…Hello Ohio. Last stop. Hocking hills state park. From what I thought a 0.4 mile hike ended up as 5 miles. A beautiful place to end our weekend getaway.

Live while we’re young. Be adventurous. I know when school starts again I won’t be blogging much 😦 and the stress level, let’s not even talk about it. But these moments that I am able to travel and try different things, feel nature, create new memories. I am truly grateful. And for friends to travel with, I don’t know how long this “tradition” will last, but hopefully we can keep it going and continue to explore states and perhaps the world together…someday.

Remember explore, love, and dream big.





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